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wow. [18 Jul 2007|04:46am]
[ mood | calm ]

almost a year since i have written in this?? holy crap.

i've had a job since then.

lol damn.

anyways, life's been hectic, crazy, confusing, fun, gay, and all the same.

new people of course.

ionno. guess i'm jus using myspace instead of this...sorry lj, still love you.

but eh, i'll write later.

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i'm jus killin time. [24 Jul 2006|12:43am]
[ mood | horny ]

i think Bree mixed this too strong. it's vanilla vodka mixed with root beer. i'm somewhat crunk. i feel like i'm burnin up. damn.


let's see...today i randomly went to St. Cloud with Bree and Sam and all her other friends. very random. i got drunk there, jumped off cliffs, Sam pushed me so then i fell into the water and hit a rock with my back. so ouch, that hurt. but for some reason i laughed it off. WAIT, he didn't push me off a cliff tho. there is this rock that is like 3 feet under the water that you can stand on and look like hay-zoos, but he pushed me on that and i fell back and hit the edge. now i'm scarred for life somewhere on my back. that fuckin douche. lol i did have a vision of drowning the fucker after i hit that rock for a split second...JKKK.. hehe. 0:) i dunno. it was fun tho. i'm spose to go back there tomarr to do some hiking with Bree. i don't think i'll be drinking tho.

sooo...it feels like 100 degrees in this house. i think it's the Vodka. breathe.

MYSPACE is getting retarded. there's power outages that last forever and a day, too many problems with it.....damn them. okay. i'ma go take a cold shower. i'm gettin way too friggin hot to sit here. FUCK.

buenas nachos everybody. :)

[edited an hour later: I BEAT IT TO LEVEL 4 BITCHES!!!]

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i spose it's about time. [23 Jul 2006|01:44am]
[ mood | weird ]

SOMETHING TRIPPY. okay. i don't have a cell phone anymore, but when i did my number was 763-242-8909. it's been since January that i got my cell phone turned off for good. WELL. Steven's mom still has me listed on her cell phone under "Jessica" with that same number. she's jus forgotten to delete it but anyway. today she got a phone call from a chick that has the number 763-242-8909. so of course, my name showed as who was calling. the chick said she had the wrong number tho but still. what are the fuckin chances of that happening!! another Minnesotan jus like me living in the same area as me calling a Texan that i used to call, with the SAME number as mine. that's jus kinda freaky. maybe it's a sign. who can explain that?? and yea. me and Steven are STILL together. :)

i graduated.
i was in Spain for a month.
i didn't move to TX.
i prolly made a mistake, i'm really thinking so.
i don't have a job.
i applied for a job.
hopefully i get that job...

and yea, that sums up what's happened so far since the last time i wrote. *sigh*

i really dislike myself right now, i mean these past few weeks. i can't seem to ever make up my mind. i don't know what to do anymore. i'm so confused with things-- maybe confused isn't the right word to use. and if there is any word out there that explains it exactly, then i don't know it. i'm lost?? no. that can't be the right word either. it has to be a biiiig word that i prolly wouldn't know how to pronounce cuz i feel like a big word that i can't pronounce.


oh. i'm not talking to my dad anymore. 2 weeks before i graduated he blew up at me for who knows what. srsly, it didn't make sense at all. everytime i think of him i find myself grinding my teeth. another thing. he didn't show up to my graduation either. he told my family that he thought i didn't want him there at all. BUT HELLOOO, wasn't it IIII that called him and told him to come, and to also bring my grandma?? you really wanna know what happened?? he was too pissed off at this gurlfriend to show up, and also pissed off at my aunt. thanks dad, for letting your gurl probs get in the way of me once again...it was my graduation that you missed!!! jeez. what kinda dad jus doesn't show..i was crying so much that day. i actually waited for him after the ceremony to find him, but after awhile i went home, he wasn't there either, then he jus never showed up at all. nor did he even call me to say congrats or anything. arite, next subject.

i haven't smoked weed for like 2 weeks. i think i'm gonna try staying clean from that stuff for a few months or possibly my whole life...eh, maybe not my whole life. i've been working out, applying for jobs and jus trying to keep myself busy lately.

it took me almost 19 years to get my first piercing ever. i got my ears pierced for the first time while i was in Spain, and then two days after that i got my bottom lip pierced. my friends are givin me shit now, they all say that they don't believe it and that they're magnetic ear rings and not real ones lol. what douches, huh??

so anyway. i want to buy another chameleon. they're so cute!! i miss my other one...may you rest in peace homie.

i want to get a tattoo. i wanna get a tat of a koi fish on my right shoulder blade. they look sweet!! but i need to figure out the color meanings and all that japanese stuff before i proceed in gettin it. before, i wanted to get this tribal butterfly tatted on my lower back but eh...i don't know about that. actually. i jus don't know at all. i need time to think.

i got Paul Wall's autograph. muahahahhaha. well i guess that's all for now. i'm starting to zone out. so talk to you later.

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update on life. [17 May 2006|06:28pm]
[ mood | bored ]

WOW. so it's been awhile since i updated this. i been using myspace alot more....sorry lj. i still love you.

so what's new....10 more days til i graduate!! i'm friggin excited. this week and last week flew by hella fast. it's crazy.

wanna know when i graduate?? on 6-6-06 lol ain't that creepy?? also, our graduation gowns are fuckin red. haha.

i been partying alot lately. even on school nights, i won't get home til 4am and wake up at 7am to go to school still buzzin off of what i drank. it's been fun tho. i love it. i'm coolin down tho..but yea. ummm.

Steven is coming up here on Saturday around 2pm so that's friggin sweet. he's gonna be up here with me all summer long. we're going to Spain on June 12th for a whole month. less than a month until that happens!! time is goin by quick.

on August 5th i'm goin to the Family Values tour with KoRn and the Deftones. yep yep. but i'm gonna be seeing them in Houston, TX cuz that's where i'm moving like August 1st. i can't wait. i can't wait to be with my H-Towners again..i miss them. plus, in August we're gonna go to Gavelston which is right on the Gulf of Mexico to go check out Shlitterbon or whatever that waterpark is called....plus swimmin on some real beaches!! lol jeez, i'm braggin..i jus really want this shit to happen quick. i'm tired of school!!! I WANT SUMMER!!!...now.

let's see...i've met a lot of new people this month from the parties, and school. so it's been sweet. i threw a party two weekends ago since my parents aren't home, and my bro is gone for 4 months!! i'm throwin another party this Saturday too i think. bon fire/slip n slide party. we have this huge tarp that we wet down, and pour hella soap on it so the drunk fucks, like myself, can go on it and make a fool outta themselves!! it's hilarious tho. everyone liked it and is lookin forward to it haha. i feel like a lil kid!!

well....i don't really got much else to talk about. so, i dunno. i'll try gettin back into the habbit of writin on this. :)

i was drunk/stoned in prolly all of these pictures, so bare with me.

oh...and i think it's time for a new lj layout, so check my journal page out mayne. ;)

"my glass ain't half full or half empty,
it's fulla 40 ounces that keep my life tipsy" - me

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here's an update. [06 Apr 2006|04:31pm]
[ mood | blah ]

the KoRn concert was awesome!! i loved it. 10 Years was good, and as for Mudvayne, they sucked. KoRn....jeez, i love them so much!! Jon Davis was awesome. i loved it. HE'S SO FUCKING HOTT!!!

so..i'm sorta keepin up with homework. English sucks, i hate reading stupid plays. and worst of all is reading a play to yourself..i go almost insane talking to myself lol. i should be used to it. i don't like keeping track of who is talking......i like watching plays but not reading them.

i think i'm the only senior in my history class, since i failed it during my sophomore year. same with my biology class. anyway. the homework has been easy in those classes...i got contemporary arts class with Jessica Lee. she makes it funny and interesting....she's a weird, interesting, crazy person to get to know. i remember back in the day in like 1st grade we would stand outside and act like we were playing guitars and singing along with that retarded song "teenie weenie itty bitty short short man". lol anyway, me and her might smoke it up after school.

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joining the national guard... [30 Mar 2006|11:34am]
[ mood | calm ]

i really wanna join the national guard for 3 years. that would be so awesome!!

1. it will indeed change my perspective on life greatly.
2. it will make me more responsible, which would be awesome to do before college.
3. they pay for college.
4. i get $15,000 a year for whatever i want to use it for.
5. it would be a great experience for me.
6. i'd get in shape.
7. taking orders from people will change me for the good, for real.
8. also, i'd be going to basic training with one of my bestest buds ever, Andrea.
9. and i get paid to do drills every month.
10. after training i could still have a regular job jus like every college student has.
11. i get a years worth of schedule in advance so i can plan my shit around that.
12. i can transfer to TX's national guard and live in TX in the end of the 19 weeks of training. which i plan on moving to TX, and i'm gonna live with my boyfriend.
13. they cover my health insurance, so it's free for me. that's always good.
14. i can come out of that, doing shit that most people never get to do in their life.

there are more reasons but those are the main ones.

i dunno, my dad wants to sit down and talk with me about it tomarr. i hope he doesn't disapprove of it because it's something i been interested in doing. i always thought it would be fun to do, and i know it's gonna be HARD work but that's gonna get me in shape mentally and physically. which i need for college, and jus to be overrall more responsible, and a good person that's not lazy.

today is Thursday, but it's Friday for me because i got no school tomarr. yay.

2 days until the KoRn concert!!!!! muahahahhaha.

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i hope Minnie is gonna be fine.. [27 Mar 2006|09:51am]
[ mood | sad ]

what a shitty ass night. i didn't sleep well, AT ALL. it sucks. i spent like an hour looking for my cat last night in my house-- so by the time i actually went to bed was like at 1:30am or some shit like that. my cat hasn't been eating, or drinking any of the milk i put in her bowl which she LOVES milk and actually knows what i'm talkin about when i say "do you want some milk??" but anyway. and also, she has been sleeping in very strange places. like right in the middle of the kitchen, at the very edge of the steps, in the middle of the hall way and yea...me and my bro think she's getting there-- to that sad point in life. she's like 15 years old. maybe 16. i've had her since before i started school and now i'm a senior. so she's been around for quite awhile. anyway. i was scared and worried, so i spent an hour looking for her so she could sleep in my room next to me jus in case anything were to happen. but yea...i hope it's nothing serious. i can't imagine life without my cat being in it. :(

i been sick for a few days. that's why my night was shitty. i dunno exactly how many hours of sleep i got but i know it ain't much. i was about to pass out in my first hour class, i jus feel like going home and curling up in a ball....with hot chocolate and little itty bitty marshmallows.

i only got 4 days of school this week. i think i'm gonna end up failing my art class because the teacher is prolly the worst when it comes to asking for help...jeeez, sometimes i think she's out to la-la land or some shit.

on Friday i went over to my dad's house. i worked on two Gold Wing's that night, and Saturday. wrenching on motorcycles sucks!! but i get paid to do it. it's a job. i need money. i'm going to Spain, and need spending money. my mom says she spent like $1,000 there last summer. we have a place to stay for free, with food. so she spent that on shopping and going out to restaurants and stuff. that's kinda crazy. so me and Steven are saving up together. i got $64 from working, plus $62 that i'm getting back from taxes. and i think i'ma bring in my K2 rollerblades and see how much Play It Again Sports will take for them..cuz i don't use them anymore. but anyway. this Friday and a part of Saturday i'm gonna be working at my dad's house again so i should have $200 or more already saved up by the end of this week. so that's good.

this Saturday night is gonna be awesome. it's gonna kick hella ass mayne. Korn is gonna be here!! let the moshing begin!! fuck yea. dude, i can't wait. i really wish i had backstage passes or atleast i could meet them and get their autos and a pic with them. that'd be tight. aaaaaaah, I CAN'T WAIT!!!! :)

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you're gonna graduate, don't worry Jessica. [22 Mar 2006|03:32am]
[ mood | bored ]

i almost had a heart attack earlier. k first of all, i been having daydreams and nightmares of people being so angry with me cuz i didn't graduate-- which scared me. so i went to see my counselor to make sure i'm gonna graduate. my counselor told me that i need to take night school or else i won't graduate!! but she was wrong, thank god. she mixed my credits up, but i should be graduating if i jus pass all my mandatory classes which is law, English, history and Biology. she scared the fuck outta me tho. jeez. and i still gotta do my 10 hours of community service which i'm starting tomarr. i'm working with the janitors prolly cleaning desks and white boards so it should be easy. yup yup.

i gotta finish an essay today, and a project that's due tomarr. i GOT to. so yea. that's what i'ma be doing after school today which sucks but oh well.

i think i'm addicted to making Starbursts bracelets. :/

i miss Steven. he's so cute.

note to self: fill out the rest of your passport form!!

this morning my stomach felt disgusted. i thought i was gonna puke sooner or later but i haven't yet and i'm feeling somewhat better. and i'm really tired, i need a nap. and tomarr i'm gonna run and work out. so yea. i'ma try eating healthy from now on....last week i was slacking on that because Steven and Kalie were here and we would go to B-DUBS and throw parties and drink beer and get wasted. so, no more of that til this summer. i gotta get in shape.

oh. and i'm doing something really cool but i can't say much about it til it's done and looks awesome. i'll post pics of it on here, it'll prolly be done by the end of this week.

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my love has gone back home, which really sucks. i miss him. [20 Mar 2006|05:37pm]
[ mood | calm ]

in school. bored. waiting for 11:50am to come.

i thought today we were gonna have a test on chapters 9 thru 15 in law class..turns out that it's tomarr. instead, today we are listening to two inmates from the Stillwater prison. it's pretty interesting hehe.

i gotta finish an essay tonight, and start on another. for real. i gotta get my shit together.

me and my boyfriend got tickets to Spain for one month this summer. we're leaving on June 12th and coming back on July 12th. so now, it's a for sure deal. the tickets are spose to be mailed to my house sometime soon. yay. :)

i'm working for my dad this weekend. i dunno if i should regret it yet or if i should jus wait for Sunday to regret my decision. *sigh* i jus need to make money. the worst that could happen would be him yelling at me....but that's some scary stuff dude.

Steven and Kalie left back home yesterday. they're prolly already home now tho. i called Steven at 7 this morning and they were already passed Dallas. i'm glad they had a safe trip. i really miss Steven. and going to sleep by myself was ruff last night. :(

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my week has been pretty cool so far. i love it. :) [16 Mar 2006|09:53am]
[ mood | excited ]

last night we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and ate there. i love the smiley french fries, they're so yummy. we saw Chicken and Rachel there. they were being anti-social tho haha. then after i got drunk and high. and once again, i got high with someone i thought i'd never get high with lol. his name be Sebastian. i've known him for like years upon years. but yea it felt weird haha. i got so baked tho. i was trying to explain something to Kalie who was also drunk and i kept laughing and laughing. my stomach hurt me so bad from laughing so hard. it was great. and to top it off, we went tubing down a hill since it snowed last night. me and Steven went down together on the tube and flipped over..it felt like we were in slow-mo haha. we couldn't stop laughing at that either. the steepest side of the hill was so hard to get up, we would make it like half way up and then slip and fall back down the hill. maybe it was because we were tipsy/high. :)

i forgot what i wrote in my last entry so if i happen to repeat something then sorry. well. Tuesday we went to the Mall of America after i got out of school. it was fun. i got three new Volcom shirts, two pair of pants, and a Volcom zip-up hoodie which i REALLY like. also, i got these huge sunglasses that look pimp-- me and Kalie got the same ones. my boyfriend got some Quiksilver shirts, one of them is baby blue and it looks sooooo friggin good on him. :) he got a Sublime shirt and some others. but yea. we are spose to go back there soon, maybe Friday or Saturday.

today we're going to the Minnesota Science Museum which is gonna be awesome to go to. there are these bodies that were once living before, and the skin was taken off of them so all you see is their actual insides-- like the muscles and jus everything. looks madd wicked tho. i'll take pics and post them on this bee-otch.

anyway. i miss being with Steven, i bet he is in bed all cuddled up in the covers looking so cute...i love him so friggin much. OH. we found tickets for the Spain trip. so yea, we're getting them soon so that's awesome. i can't wait for this summer. it's gonna be a blast.

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my homies are here!! [14 Mar 2006|10:12am]
[ mood | happy ]


Steven and Kalie are here!! and it's been fun. it took them 19 hours to drive from Houston, TX which is on the beach of the Gulf of Mexico basically to here, MN. today we are going to the Mall of America after school to do some crazy shoppin. we couldn't go yesterday which was the plans because the friggin weather was horrible. it took us 15 mins to jus get out of my driveway when we left to NorthTown lol. we rented Saw 2 and yea, watched that. and then bought cheese cake :) yummy.

Saturday night we got so drunk at my house. omg it was funny. it was me, Steven, Kalie, my bro, Charles, my cousin Brogan and his gurlfriend. Steven actually puked for his first time being drunk. he had like 9 shots of Tequila. i had to take one for him cuz he couldn't take it anymore lol. and i had to wash that disgusting taste down with a beer. i drank all my Corona and some of Charles' beer. it was fun. hehehe.

on Sunday we went to the movies and saw "the hills have eyes". i really hate that movie. it went a lil too far, especially when the chick was getting raped. i was like duuuuuude, fucking stop showing that!!! i felt real bad..and the people jus acted stupid-- the usual blonde moves people do in scary movies. "i'll leave and leave you guys here-- don't worry i and you will be safe" pfft. yeaaaa.

i'm sick of MN weather.

being suspended yesterday was great!!

it feels awesomely awesome sleeping next to my boo and waking up beside him. i looove it. hehe. he drove me to school today. and he is picking me up after.


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CRHS sucks [10 Mar 2006|11:34am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

who ever really remembers the school rules??

maybe someone that is always in trouble, but for someone like me-- i doubt they know the rules til it's told to them one more time. i mean, the first day of school you go over the rules, then 3 quarters later it gets pretty foggy, wouldn't you agree??

it's not even that bad tho. that's what i don't understand. why does this school suspend those that are tardy?? why not a detention or two?? i mean, i am so cool with being suspended, but when my mom finds out she gets real mad and thinks i done worse than jus being tardy to class. i think it's bogus. she really doesn't seem to trust me at all. the assistant principal called her telling her about this issue.

firstly, if you skip out the whole day or even jus for certain classes you get DETENTION only. and if you skip detention, then you get suspended but with it being excused so it doesn't count against your maximum absenses. you'd think you'd get in school suspension or out of school suspension.

secondly, if you are tardy 5 times to a class-- even if you are only a minute late or jus got in the door 10 seconds after the first bell-- then you get a referile and get suspended. that's so bogus. but i mean, it is excused also so it wouldn't count against me. i hate this school's rules. i honestly thought i would get detentions for the tardies.

thirdly, suspension occurs when there's been a fight at school. so in comparison, tardies and fights equaling the same thing is quite stupid.

i don't care. it's over with. i wasn't gonna sit there arguing because then the principal tries getting me for misbehavior or some shit. i have Monday off..so i guess that's good tho because me, Steven, Kalie and Karee can go to the Mall of America that day insteada my thoughts the other day..which was to get my mom to call in for me and say i was sick so i can go to the mall with them during the day sometime next week. yay.

Steven leaves today, and he will be here tomarr..i can't friggin wait!! we might see that movie "the hills have eyes" and go to B-DUBS for dinner. yum.

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i'm still in the groove. [08 Mar 2006|06:04pm]
[ mood | i feel good, dunananana.. ]

well. i'm keepin up with working out. and i been playing basketball, and running. my legs are still killin me tho, but i found out if you stretch and start runnin then it feels a whole lot better. but, it kills after runnin haha. and i think it was because i ran up and the stairs alot during my laps. i ran a mile today tho, that's good nuff for me. and i'm actually sticking with my eating routine. in the morning i eat ramen noodles lol they're soooooo good. plus i always think that cereal gets you fat anyway. and then i only drink water, and eat salads and good food..then i gotta quit eating by 6pm til i wake up the next morning. so yea. i go for a long time now with out eating at night and normally i used to eat at night-- meaning til around 11pm or something like that.

i'm reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix..it's really good so far. there's 870 pages tho..i gotta read it for a book report. but i loooove HP books, i wonder when the author will put the 7th book out..??

three more days til my boo and friends come up here. i'm excited..and this week IS goin by fast as it is.

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i'm impressed with me-self. :) [06 Mar 2006|11:27am]
[ mood | feelin good, but sore ]

i can feel the soreness already. i ran for 45 mins last hour, and Mrs. Novak was my partner for a lot of the time, and i kept up with her!! while we were running she was tellin me some things i should do, but she was surprised at first cuz she THINKS i'm fitas it is. hahahah, no. :) but anyway, not only did i run but there are two stair cases of like 40 steps each, plus goin back down, that i would run up. and whenever i needed a break from runnin, i was busy power walkin my ass off. i SO did over 20 laps. i'm impressed with myself. i started runnin at 9:30am and i thought i was only gonna make it til 10:00am BUT i made it til 10:15am. acutally, i thought i wasn't really gonna make it for 30 mins at all at first when i was changin into my clothes. i'm happy. and what i REALLY liked was the stretching. god, that shit felt so damn good.

i'm prolly not gonna be able to get outta bed tomarr. :/

anyway, i'm going on a diet also. i'm portioning the food i eat, and i'm also gonna stick with salads-- of course with not as much salad dressing. because what's the whole point of working out if you're still gonna eat junk?? so don't think i'm goin anorexic or whatever cuz that's nasty. i'm sticking to water for drinking, and maybe a glass of milk or something. NO pop, which i really don't drink at all anyway. i'm gonna be done eating anything by 7pm, and by 10pm i'll be in bed every night. "in bed" meaning trying to sleep, so i gotta cut down on talking with my boo at night. which is a harrrrrrrd thing to do also. i wanna be fit for this summer's trip to Spain, and jus summer in general.

well anyway. there's only 5 more days til Steven, Kalie and Karee get here!! and yea, my sleeping routine will be fucked up next week but i'm still gonna work out at school every day. i can't wait til he is here....he can give me some massages haha. ;) but yea, it's gonna be great next week.

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i got it easy mayne. [03 Mar 2006|09:50am]
[ mood | calm ]

it's Friday!!!

8 more days til my boo and Karee and Kalie be hurr. jeez, days be flying by mayne. ;). on March 31st it's our last day of third quarter, ain't that crazy mayne?? then we jus got April and May left of school. i wish school flew by like this all the years i been at this school. ah well, i can't wait to graduate!!

anyway. i'm bored. i guess being a TA is better than having study hall. i'm glad Mrs. Novak talked me into it!! it's basically jus like study hall except i get to go do whatever i please after helping the teacher out with setting the sound system up. plus, i get credit like it's a class lol. i jus think that's weird. but anyway. i should work out today but eh, i'm not feelin it. although i should....

today is gonna be easy. for my first hour alls what we did was watch a movie all hour. and then second hour i'm chillin. and next hour is jus a presentation by the students so that should be funny. and as for fourth hour.....might be boring but then again, maybe not.

this morning when i woke up, i felt real hot and sweaty. and then when i was in the bathroom doing my hair, and pluckin my eyebrows i felt like i was gonna faint because i felt real warm all over. i dunno, it was weird.

in less than a month i'll be seeing KoRn in concert!! can't wait. it's gonna be a blast. i really wish i could get a pic with JD and his autograph.

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[02 Mar 2006|11:36am]
[ mood | bored ]

Sour Patch Kids make me feel sick...but they're good!! especially the red ones..my tummy hurts.

k. my dad jus found out yesterday that i've had like 10 boyfriends before Steven. he thought that he is the only boyfriend i've had throughout my years. yea, i never did tell him about my other relationships. is that wrong of me?? the reason was because i jus felt weird talking to my dad about it or even mentioning it..because then they question you, give you the sex talk, and all that shit...plus i always thought of my dad's first response being "you're too young for a boyfriend". i even told him that..i dunno, from how mean he was to me and my bro-- to telling my dad about a boyfriend of mine jus seems like a big risk to take for me. i am pretty risky, but that was jus a no zone for sure. if anyone reads this, was that wrong of me to feel that way?? no wonder why my dad always made it seem like i knew nothing about relationships, and when i talked about living with Steven was quite absurd to him..lol. wow. i mean, i could have seen his point LONG ago if Steven was my first boyfriend and i was gonna move in with him. haha. i think i know what to do in relationships, and i know alot about them from so many things i've been through. not jus my relationships, but through my friends' and brothers' and parents' relationships.

anyway. tomarr is Friday. school is flying by and i'm diggin that. i got this senior class picture today. it's huge!! some people were spose to paint shirts and make a saying by sitting together about our class. we've been the only class that had to retake the senior pics twice because the chicks fucked up on the saying and had the words sooooooo damn scrammbled lol. so yea. anyway, gotta get to law class now.

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10 more days til my boo is here!!!! [01 Mar 2006|10:23am]
[ mood | happy ]

i'm happy. my mom's bringin me Subwaaaay. hehe.

well it's March 1st. that means there's only 10 more days til my boo is here and 9 days til he leaves for the road trip..along with Kalie and Karee. i'm friggin excited for that!! yaaaay. i'm happy. we're gonna go to the Mall of America, the museum which is Extremely interesting, maybe the MN Zoo, going to the movies, checkin out the art at the cherry and the big spoon place, go bowling, partying, and chillin. GOD THIS IS GONNA BE HELLA FUN!! prolly the most busiest week of my year so far, and prolly will be til i pack to leave for TX in the summer. :)

i hope Mrs. Gresser let's me eat lunch in her class..i hate going in the lunch room. too many immature people, and annoying people. i wish i had 1st lunch cuz that lunch barely has anybody in it. Joe and some others say i'm anti-social lol, but nahhh, i jus don't really like high school lunches. can't eat lunch without drama in this school.

i got a test today for english which i'm going to fail. we have like over 10 stories that we needed to study and i skimmed over only a few of them. :/

i'm hanging out with my dad today. he's going to Mexico this Friday so i guess i should hang out with him before he goes. we're gonna play raquetball at 5pm and then go to my grandma's house for din din.

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i don't see how these people can act the way they do. [27 Feb 2006|08:36pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

k. i'm bummin. i heard some stories about my relatives in Spain. first of all, they are NICE people. like if you met them you prolly wouldn't believe they could be so nice and all that because normally it's not possible for people to be as nice as they are, for real. anyway, i got a part of my fam tho that treats the others like shit. i mean, complete shit. also, my grandma is ALWAYS nice, she's a bit crazy, but anyway. one of my aunts, and her two kids are jus real bitches to all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, AND my grandma. why would any relatives be so mean to their own people, especially the grandma!?? i don't get it. and it makes me so mad that i can't do anything about it over here. i mean, there IS indeed an ocean that's stopping me..jeez. somebody's GOT to talk to these three people. they treat their friends and boyfriends like shit too. and one of them tried getting my grandma to pay $3,000 for her wedding dress...my grandma!! like she's a bank or some shit. god. plus they ain't even nice to my gramma. the daughter like kicks the mom's friends out of the house and bitches at them and tells em never to come over again. and when i was there last year they didn't do ANYTHING with us and the whole fam. they always were too stubborn to come to the parties-- actually, they did come a few times but jus mean muggin everybody until they left. i dunno, i don't get it. i mean, they are cool with me. my aunt jus loves me, and my cousin always wanted to take me out or hang out. but my cousin getting married jus seems like she hates the world. they are all so pretty, my cousins honestly could be models...their attitudes are jus fucked up. but yea..i'm jus gonna feel weird around them this summer when i go back there. i'ma have fun tho.

anyway. i loved law class today. we ate unlimited amounts of cute lil decorated cookies, and watched a movie..which i really didn't pay attention to. i honestly think i am the worst person when it comes to attention. i mean, don't think that everytime i talk to you that i jus zone out and hear nothing about what you're talking about...but i mean, it's seems like it's taking alot for me to focus. i think i think too much. i dunno.

my friend Alexis is so friggin awesome when it comes to art. i saw her hand sculpture today and holy crap!!!! i friggin love it. it's like PERFECT. for real. if she set a price, fuck yea i'd buy it lol. yea, i was amazed, she's so talented.

my dad is on my back for getting a job..same with my grandma over here that's losing her memory like crazy. i think she repeats herself like 20 times when i'm with her. i can't believe she remembers to call me and ask if i got a job yet...she prolly wrote it down tho, making notes..that's cheating. lol

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lackation of sleep. [27 Feb 2006|10:17am]
[ mood | tired ]

i can't believe i'm alive right now. i got less than 2 hours of sleep. jeeez. and if i did sleep, i really couldn't tell when i woke up or if i was really laying there awake watching all these colors go around my room. felt like a blink actually. :/ this is gonna suck..after school i'ma be too tired to do anything. er wait, everything positive Jessica!!

this kid i see everyday reminds me of a dinosaur.

i have a feeling law class is gonna put me to sleep quick. better yet, i still have english as my last class. aaah, think positive.

i saw "Date Movie" yesterday with my friend Ashley. i was her date hehe. lol anyway, funny ass movie for sure. and sick too. omg it was disturbing in a few parts!! i liked the movie better than the "scary movies"!!..i mean, Carmen Elektra is in the movie!! ;) anyway then we went to her house, i helped her with her myspace, and then we watched "Finding Nemo"-- i friggin love that movie.

so. i shall be gone with myself now..

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[25 Feb 2006|10:24am]
[ mood | <- this is jus cute :) ]

Charles got his diploma. and i really don't believe it. he got 92% on the test..fuck, he didn't even know what "%" meant when he was taking the practice test. he's got some sort of crazy angels by his side, that's for sure.

i might be going to the mall of america with my bro and Charles today. and meet up with one of my bro's friends at the mall. i'ma buy me some new shirts at ZUMIEZ.

yesterday i went to Concordia University in St. Paul for a field trip. it was pretty cool. we were there based on art. so yea, it was pretty neat. we got to do some silk screening prints, and develop some pictures which turned out awesome!! i wish i had my own lab to print. it'd be easy!! takes like only 5 minutes to fully develop a picture.

soooo yeaaa..i'm back into writing on this. crazy huh?? yup yup.

that's all for now folks. :)

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